Apple iPhone 6s Explodes: Recall To Begin Soon

2016 seems to be the year of top-end phone explosions. After the Note 7 debacle, now Apple iPhone 6S explodes. Apple has already started a recall. Strange!

Apple iPhone 6S Explodes


The Apple iPhone 6S explodes recently and is being recalled as per the latest reports. An Apple iPhone  6S exploded after it was put on charging. This incident is similar to the Samsung Note 7 incident.

Reports say that the owner of the iPhone 6S had left his phone in charge and had just taken it off charge when it exploded. Once disconnected from the charger, the phone started emitting smoke and then burst into flames. This was when the owner dropped it to the floor to avoid injury. It could have led to severe damage if the phone hadn’t emitted smoke before bursting into flames.


Most phones heat up during the charging process. This is a normal phenomenon. But phones do not typically catch fire unless the hardware is faulty. After this incident had come to light, Apple initiated the recall process of the model 6S. This was also in the view of the fact that some 6S batteries were faulty causing the phones to shut down without warning. Apple reportedly said that this problem has only been found in units manufactured from September to October 2015. After the fire incident, it is believed that more units have defective batteries.

Apple claims that the iPhone 6S explosion is not safety related issue or a manufacturing defect in all models. Fire is likely to occur even though the batteries are not defective. Apple contends that the problem lies only with a limited number of units and that the safety of users is not at stake.


However, sources say that Apple will undertake an investigation into the iPhone 6S explosion soon. Usually, when incidents like this happen, Apple is known to take prompt action. They contact the consumer-facing the issue and try to get to the bottom of it. Even so, Apple could have a role to play in new information coming to light about this incident. For now, Apple will have to recall the iPhone 6S.


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