Apple iPhone 6S Modified Into A Bezel-Less Xiaomi Mi MIX

The Apple iPhone 6S modified which resembles a device from the east – the Xiaomi Mi MIX. Generally, it’s the Chinese companies that clone the devices from the western world.

Apple iPhone 6S Modified


A transparent, bezel-less iPhone 6S is the holy grail of smartphones. Every time a new iPhone is close to a launch, rendered videos of it go viral. Be that as it may, the much touted Apple iPhone 6S Plus is no match for the Xiaomi Mi MIX. As bezel-less Android phones are the latest fad, Apple fans are crestfallen. We have the Xiaomi Mi MIX to the rescue.

The launch of the next iPhone model, which is in the offing, is rife with speculation. Nothing is known as yet, but there is no indication that it is going to be bezel-less. This is a drawback for Android users these days. We want our phones to be functional as well as good-looking. Phones like the Xiaomi Mi MIX are bezel-less. So why not an iPhone? The answer seems to be to change the iPhone to a Xiaomi MIX.

A recent YouTube video goes on to demonstrate how supply meets demand. A certain user, Weibo user @Ye Ji-MIX, has uploaded a video on YouTube where he converted an iPhone 6S Plus to a bezel-less Xiaomi Mi MIX. It is a step by step reconstruction process of the iPhone 6S Plus. It has taken the Android world by storm. The procedure is simple enough. The result, if a little unrefined, is innovative and efficient.


The new iPhone 6S is bezel-less on the two sides and the bottom. Only the top part has the bezel. This is because the camera on the iPhone is located on the top, right-hand corner. To keep the camera he had to sacrifice the home button or the Touch ID. This was a small concession to make for a bezel-less iPhone 6S. The iPhone has all its other, more important parts and its functionality seems unaffected by the little change.

To actually have a transparent and bezel-less iPhone could be the ultimate thing. Maybe Apple would do well to reconsider the design of their latest iPhone and make it look more like a Xiaomi Mi MIX.


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