Apple iPhone 7 will Get Intel Chips Instead of Qualcomm

Apple iPhone 7 is going to have Intel chips inside the devices instead of Qualcomm chips that were used in the devices so far. Read on to know more.


Apple iPhone 7

There has been a number of news about Apple iPhone 7 in terms of its camera, like the device having a dual-camera at the back, or the absence of 3.5mm headphone jack, etc. Keeping in trend with the rumors and leaks, there’s one more to talk of.

Apple has used Qualcomm chips inside its iPhones all these days. However, according to Bloomberg reports, there will now be chips from Intel in its upcoming iPhone. It is understood that the AT&T versions of the phone meant for the United States and a few others will come with Intel chips. However, we are yet to understand which those “other few markets” will be.

However, the Chinese market will still continue to get Qualcomm chips for the iPhone 7. The Apple smartphones made for China will get chips manufactured by the semiconductor maker based in San Diego.

The above details are brought out by the people who matter in the industry. However, they have chosen to stay anonymous as these are very sensitive details. Even the companies who are involved in the business have chosen to remain silent.

Though Intel has had a sound business in the desktop business years ago, it couldn’t manage the same in the mobile business and has only a marginal market yet. What’s more, Intel’s mobile arm has been reporting losses almost always.

The latest deal, which the company has signed for Apple iPhones, might not revive them immediately, but things have certainly started to move on, on the right path. It now remains to be seen how Intel zeros in on the new opportunity it got with Apple iPhone 7.


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