Apple iPhone 7 Pre-orders Escalate Last Year’s Sales

Apple iPhone 7 pre-orders escalated the previous year sales of Apple iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus and is reported to increase 375 percent year-over-year at Sprint.

Apple iPhone 7 Pre-orders

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As per the CEO John Legere, the Apple iPhone 7 pre-orders from the T-Mobile subscribers seemed to be 4 times bigger as compared to that of iPhone 6 pre-orders. As seen in the first 3 days of pre-orders in comparison to Apple iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, the reservations for Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus escalated 375 percent year-over-year at the Sprint.

Apple iPhone 7 has gained success too soon and the reason behind it is the record breaking score earned at AnTuTu of 178,000. This latest iPhone is much more powerful and is making a debut to get an IP certification rating. It bears IP67 that makes the device water resistant. This phone can be considered safe until thirty minutes up to 3.2 feet water depth. In between, there were several rumors about Apple iPhone 7. iPhone 7 India price were revealed online which was supposed to be at a starting price of Rs. 63,000.

Also, It was rumored to launch on 26th September. Finally, Apple iPhone 7 launched on 7th September with all the features at the Apple Event. As stunning as the camera quality of this latest phone is, we all know that the camera quality is the USP of the latest iPhone 7. Soon after the launch, Apple iPhone 7 shots were released for the users to get an idea about the camera quality. The Apple iPhone 7 pre-orders will tell the success story for Apple.

Although Apple iPhone 7 doesn’t come with a warranty for water damage, so it is suggested not to try this out too much in water. iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus also sport better battery life which is supportive for 2 more hours of backup. The latest news is that the four prominent carriers of the U.S. are offering a free Apple iPhone 7. This means that till the offer is valid, you will have to expense out $650 as an advance.You will get the

You will get the reimbursement of $650 including the bill credits in the next twenty-four months. One more relief to Apple is that their competitor Samsung is facing troubles due to their current flagship Samsung Galaxy Note 7. As it not acquiring the market right now, Apple iPhone 7 has a large scope for increasing their sales in the coming time.

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