Apple iPhone 7 Price Leak: 7 Plus Price also Leaked

The Apple iPhone 7 price leak has hit the online world along with the iPhone 7 Plus model. The leak comes just ahead of the iPhone unveiling exactly one week from now.

Apple iPhone 7 Price Leak

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As if the all the rumors surrounding the Apple phones so far wasn’t enough, we have the latest that would make you go weak in your knees. Well, we are talking about the Apple iPhone 7 price leak. One of the most discussed launches of this year so far has been the Apple iPhone. Right from the time we heard the name Apple iPhone 7 to the rumored news that iPhone 7 launch is taking place on September 23, there were loads of things to hear.

One of the probable leaks was the iPhone 7 gold edition. However, the leaks were later termed to be fake ones. Apart from this, there were lots of other rumors that sprung up from time to time. However, we won’t be going into all those details as there are lots of things to speak about. Instead, what we are talking here about is the Apple iPhone 7 price leak. This is the major leak to spring up of the so many that have gone by so far.


However, before proceeding further, you would be interested in reading some important things about the iPhone 7. One of them is the absence of the 16GB model as it used to be earlier. This means, there won’t be the 16GB version at all at the time of Apple iPhone 7 launch. This pushes the 32GB version as the entry-level for the iPhone 7.

You may now wonder, there would be 64GB and 128GB versions for bigger memory options. But, if you are thinking on these lines, probably you are a bit wrong. That’s because you won’t see a 64GB variant either. Instead, Apple decided to go big with 128GB and even bigger 256GB variants.

Considering the Apple iPhone 7 price leak, here’s what you would be happy to know.

iPhone 7 will have

  • 32 GB for an estimated price of $790.
  • 128 GB for estimated price of $910.
  • 256 GB for estimated price of $1060.

iPhone 7 Plus will have

  • 32 GB for an estimated price of $910.
  • 128 GB for estimated price of $1030.
  • 256 GB for estimated price of $1180.

More Colors

Silver, Gold and Rose Gold will be the colors in which you can now own the brand new iPhone 7. It’s likely that the darker Space Black will take the place of the Space Gray. Apple enthusiasts  can also get to have a  new ‘glossy’ black edition as well.

What are your views on the Apple iPhone 7 price leak and the rumored colors? Do you think they hold any weight as the actual launch date is just round the corner. Don’t forget to put in your views below.


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