Apple iPhone 7 Sales Started in India; Colour Options Available

The much awaited Apple iPhone 7 sales have started. The flagship devices, iPhone 7 and 7 Plus have reached the retail stores all over the country. To know more, continue reading the story.

Apple iPhone 7 Sales

Apple iPhone 7 sales

Apple iPhone 7 sales in the first phase have been started already from September 16 in the 28 countries around the globe. While on the second phase of iPhone 7 sales, the much-awaited devices reached 30 more countries in the other parts of the world. The second phase sales have begun from 24 September.

And after having reached different parts of the world, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus have finally reached India. The customers, who have pre-ordered the devices a month back, can finally hold the devices in their hands. Apple is expected to increase the production for iPhone 7 by the end of this year.

An Apple enthusiast Neha Rana, 24, who got the device from the iZenica Apple Store talked about her feeling.

“Getting an iPhone on the very first day before others means a lot. My heart skipped several beats as I held it for the first time. It’s like carrying the most classy brand in your pocket which speaks on its own.”

Apple iPhone 7 sales have witnessed many eager people who were just willing to hold their very own device. The devices come with many storage options including 32GB, 256GB, and 128GB. Apple lovers will also be getting a number of colour alternatives that gives a freedom to the customer to purchase the device according to their preferences. The colour options include rose gold, silver, gold, and jet black.

The Apple iPhone 7 Plus features a dual-lens, while both the devices sports a pressure-sensitive home button. The iPhone 7 is a dust and water resistant device. As for the camera features the device packs a 12-megapixel primary camera and an HD 7-megapixel front camera.

While waiting patiently along with full energy, an Apple enthusiast, Haroon Shergill said:

“For me, it is yet another repackaged iPhone 6s with a few bumped up specifications. New Apple products feel more like recycled ideas than innovation. Having said it, I am still buying an iPhone 7 because the black looks sleek.”

The price for Apple iPhone 7 sales start at Rs. 60,000 and it has undergone many tests recently. Some of the analysts are of the opinion that the Apple iPhone 7 sales could do better this year as a result of this festive season.

Tarun Pathak, senior analyst, Mobile Devices and Ecosystems at New Delhi-based Counterpoint Research said:

“With this, Apple will have three-four weeks of solid festive momentum. Last year, Apple launched iPhone models on 16 October in India. This year, the company will have more time-frame to register better sales figures.”

If Apple retail stores land up in India this is indeed great news, specifically for the budding smartphone market in the country. But concentrating on the Apple iPhone 7 sales, it will be interesting to see how the iPhone 7 devices perform, considering the Diwali festival that falls on October 30.


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