Apple iPhone 8 AMOLED Technology Next Year

Apple iPhone 8 will use the AMOLED technology for its display next year. Sources claim that the Cupertino-based company will use the advanced tech for display in its flagship devices.

Apple iPhone 8 AMOLED Technology

News has been doing the rounds about Apple iPhone 8 and AMOLED technology for some days now. As a matter of fact, we haven’t even seen an official iPhone 7 image yet and already speaking of the next year’s iPhone iteration. Some days ago, there were image leaks of the iPhone 7 Gold, which in all probabilities was a fake one.

Yet another leak spoke about the upcoming iPhone 7 having Intel chips instead of the Qualcomm ones in some select markets. We will certainly confirm things when we have some solid information on our hands.

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Speaking about the OLED displays, Huawei and Xiaomi are supposedly going to bring a few smartphones in the market that will have OLED technology. These Chinese companies have dished out a number quality and world-class products in their short existence in the market so far. As compared to these companies, Apple is a big name. Apple iPhone will surely get something new in them – something like AMOLED screens – instead of just getting various features.

Apple will have to bring the OLED or AMOLED displays in their iPhones sooner, because other companies have already started to introduce devices with such displays. The Huawei Google Nexus 6P has a quad HD AMOLED screen. Huawei will shortly bring out one of its products having a similar display as well. We will still have to wait to know exactly which model from Huawei will have AMOLED display.

LG and Samsung are the top manufacturers of OLED screens. Samsung is looking to cement its position in that sector of the industry where it still has to find a footing and that’s of the laptop panels. LG is also going to increase the production of OLEDs, especially for smartphones. In such a scenario, how can Apple iPhone remain far behind in AMOLED technology?


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