Apple iPhone Notch Size to Get Smaller with the New Technology

Apple plans to combine Face Recognition with the Front Camera creating a smaller Apple iPhone notch on its display.

Apple iPhone Notch

Apple iPhone notch

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Apple reported to ETNews about its plan to merge the face recognition mod with the front camera. It is with a view to resize the Apple iPhone notch on its display. There are two ways to hide the iPhone X notch. Rumours about the company spread in the industry stating that the company plans to brace its face sensing functionality in the upcoming 2019 handsets. Further, previous reports also state that Apple is planning to launch Face ID feature with many more products in 2018 and 2019. Thus, more investment plans can is expected for face recognition in the coming time.

On the other hand, the LG Innotek who created its face recognition modules for iPhone X has also announced an investment of $821 million for its production. The company mentions its purpose of new investment stating that it is entirely for the camera modules of the handsets and its businesses.

LG Innotek expected to help with small Apple iPhone notch sizes

A representative of the smartphone parts manufacturer also stated about LG Innotek’s investment plans. He assured that the new construction plans were completely for the purpose of face recognition modules. The products are expected to release the next year.

Not stating where would these new products be supplied; the industry suspects the complete new production is for the Apple phones and its products. The Apple iPhone X may release this year. The industry alleges that the new technology will be available only with its later releases. One can say this because LG Innotek does not plan to release any of its new parts this year.

The competition

The competition is the industry has risen with such suspects. While iPhones plan to improve their face recognition, Android stays no back. It further plans to upgrade its fingerprint technology features. One can assert it because Vivo in CES 2018 spoke about its plans to release under display fingerprint sensors in its upcoming models.


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