Apple iPhone X: Here is Why It Can Be The Powerful Smartphone of 2017

Apple finally came up with its iPhone X on Tuesday at Steve Jobs Theater. The outstanding specs and features of the smartphone may persuade customers to ignore its hefty price tag.

Apple iPhone X Launch

iPhone X

Apple has recently launched its ace smartphones including iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X and we cannot stop drooling over them. iPhone X wooed us all with its perplexing design and features. The 5.8-inch smartphone sports an A11 Bionic chip, Super Retina Display, and more amazing camera features. Breaking the norms, Apple has introduced wireless charging for this gadget. The pre-order facility for iPhone X will begin on 27 October 2017 in at least 55 nations. And on November 3, it will be set to hit the offline stores.


In 2007, Apple came up with its first iPhone and this year, celebrating its 10th anniversary, it released not one, not two, but three impeccable iPhones in just a single event. Kudos to the team for this hard work! iPhone X is a revolutionary smartphone that is all about the flawless all-screen display. The all-glass front and back are said to be the most durable glass used ever in the smartphone history.

Further, the perfectly polished surgical-grade stainless steel band gives an elegant look to the gadget and adds to its durability. The presence of 7-layer color mechanism ensures accurate color tones and opaqueness on the glassy texture. Alike its previous models, the device is water and dust-resistant.

iPhone X

Amazing Super-Retina Display

The gorgeous Super-Retina Display of 5.8 inches, being the foremost OLED panel, takes the standards of iPhone X to the next level with a huge color support supported with effective system-wide color management, marvelous hues, perfect blacks and extraordinary contrast ratio. The Dolby Vision and HDR10 aided by the HDR display add to the improved quality of images and videos.The True Tone feature automatically fine-tunes the white display balance with the current light to provide a crisp viewing experience to the user.

Face ID: A more powerful way of authentication

There will be no home button in this model and therefore, no fingerprint scanner. To enhance safety and security, the users will be required to use their unique Face ID for unlocking and making payments. Isn’t it cool? The True Depth Camera System consisting of the A11 Bionic chip is responsible for identifying a face and avoiding any sort of duplicity via images or masks.

iPhone X

iOS 11

The smartphone featuring iOS 11 makes the navigation process easier with smooth and known gestures. Swiping up from the bottom and you’re good to visit home from anywhere.


The smartphone will be available in two beautiful colors: Space Gray and Silver. iPhone X will be available in 2 different variants: 64GB and 256GB. Besides the internal storage space, everything in these models is exactly similar.


The pricing of the phone starts from the US $999. With special iPhone Upgrade Program designed for iPhone X, the citizens of US can lay hands on this smartphone, get immense protection from Apple Care+, select a suitable carrier without signing any multi-year service agreement and have that privilege to switch to an exclusive iPhone each year. The US residents can subscribe to this program by paying monthly installments starting from $49.91.


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