Apple MacBook Pro Retina Laptops Launch Today

The reports of the refreshed MacBook Pro Retina laptops launch are doing the rounds even as the launch of the iPhone 6 has taken a backseat. The new laptops are all set to be announced today.

Apple MacBook Pro Retina Laptops

According to the new Smartphone news, the specifications of the device have also been known probably through an image taken with a Smartphone. It is understood that the image has its source through an Apple retail store in China yesterday.

A web site from France, claims that it has got the information about today’s launch from that has been accurate in providing information regarding the iPod Touch, iMac and MacBook Pro updates.

The report that has got from MacRumors sees the fresh release of the devices will include the 13 inch as well as the 15 inch models of the MacBook Pro. The Apple MacBook Pro Retina laptops will come with J44 and J45a model numbers respectively.

Apple MacBook Pro Retina laptops

The site has also added that there will be seven fresh models that will be available in the store. There will be three variants of the 13 inch model and two variants of the bigger 15 inch model. There will also be top-of-the-line variant of the other models.

The leaked specs of the Apple MacBook Pro Retina laptops showed three MacBook Pro models of the 15 inch screen. These models come with Intel Core i7 Haswell processors with turbo boost. The processors were lately launched by Intel.

A look at the Apple MacBook Pro Retina laptops image shows the RAM for the 15 inch low-end device as 16GB in place of the 8GB that were build in the older versions.

Intel Processors

Intel processors were on show recently for the dual-core as well as for the quad-core processors for the Apple MacBook Pro Retina laptops. There were also new CPUs from Intel for the laptops, which were based on the Haswell architecture.

The latest chips have been updated for the current range of products in the lineup with Intel.

We will have to wait more for some more information on Apple MacBook Pro Retina laptops. Until then keep exploring more news here!

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