Apple Next gen iPhone Under Production with Force Touch

The Apple next gen iPhone is under production, if the latest reports are to be believed. It is also understood that the upcoming device will have the Force Touch technology.

Apple Next gen iPhone

The Force Touch technology used in the phone was also seen in the Apple Watch and the new MacBook. The feature was introduced only this year for Apple Watch.

The new iPhones will share the same size – the 4.7-inches as well as the 5.5-inches versions. These are the same as the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus gadgets. The outer design of the upcoming gadgets will also stay the same as that of now.

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Manufacturing will be accelerated for the Apple next gen iPhone that will start immediately in the next month, people close to the company added.

apple next gen iphone
Apple iPhone 6 Plus

What is Force Touch Technology?

As stated about the new feature of the Force Touch feature, it is all about the input pressure. To be more precise, the feature will help the gadget to make out the accurate pressure exerted on the touchscreen. The technology uses electrodes for the same.

As this technology was earlier used in Apple Watch, it will be easy to state the example. The electrodes are embedded with the OLED screen. With this feature Apple next gen iPhone it can detect the deformation due to the pressure while pressing, tapping or swiping as they need different amount of pressure.

The report was published in Bloomberg. The report says that there could be serious faults or malfunctioning to the final assembly of the Apple next gen iPhone. It is also feared that there could be issues in the supply if the Force Touch technology does not pass the required assurance testing for quality.

Use of Force Touch Technology

The Force Touch technique can be brought into effect to make it work the same way as that of a button. When the feature is in full use, it can play the part of a button without any issues. This means Apple next gen iPhone won’t need a button.

A report published in FirstPost says that Apple was planning to bring into effect the Force Touch technology in the iPhone 6s. There was another report that spoke about Apple next gen iPhone will have a Plus version. There will also be 2GB RAM in the new upcoming device.

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