Apple pulls back bitcoin wallet from the App Store

Apple has pulled back the most popular bitcoin wallet in the world from their App Store. The developments happened late on Wednesday.

The US-based company brought down curtains on the Blockchain app from the store without forwarding any particular reason. The thoughts were expressed by the CEO of Blockchain, Nicolas Cary. There are around 120,000 people around the world who are using the app for transaction with the digital currency.

However, the users of Blockchain will still be able to use the app from their iPhones. But, as Apple has yanked the app, they won’t be getting any software updates from Apple.

There wasn’t any immediate communication with Apple possible. According to Nicolas Cary, the app was “removed from the App Store due to an unresolved issue.” There wasn’t smooth road for Bitcoin all these days to gain popularity in the conventional business in the world and these developments hit the efforts, in a way.

There was only Blockchain as the only wallet app for bitcoin for the Apple users, according to Cary. However, this is not the only app to have taken a hit. In 2013, BitPak had to shut down the operations after it was taken off the Apple Store. In last November, Apple did away with another such app, called Coinbase. The app could hardly manage to survive a month on the Store.

It was in April 2012 that the Blockchain was first seen on the App Store. And it also went through the same fate as that of Coinbase and BitPak. Apple had done away with Blockchain as well. However, it was later given an entry.

However, both Bitcoin apps – Coinbase and Blockchain are very much available with Google Play as Android has always welcomed them.

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