Apple RD Center will be Setup in Indonesia in 2017

The Cupertino giant has decided to move further with its Apple RD center in Indonesia. Prior to this, they had announced to expand their developmental centers to India and China.

Apple RD Center

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Apple has focused on the Asian market as it is one of the growing areas for the company. It has announced to expand multiple Apple RD center in different parts of the continent. For this, they have appeared to establish numerous development centers both in India as well as China.

However, Apple constantly intends to stretch its boundaries. Therefore, the giant has apparently planned to setup an RD center which will spring up in Jakarta. An Indonesian website has first published this news saying that the company intends to work on this project starting from next year, i.e. 2017.

The Communication and Information Minister Rudiantara has opined that the project development’s preparation has been advanced to its final stairs. He also put some light on other necessary information. Rudiantara expressed that the Cupertino-based smartphone manufacturer would confirm the proper location for the project in the next month. Following this, the construction and recruitment will eventually roll out in 2017.

According to the Minister, the Cupertino biggie has also discussed the value of the investment for the project. But due to the secrecy of the project, the government could not reveal the figures to the media.

Apple has most of its development centers in its home, Cupertino. But still, it does back numerous satellite offices across the country. The purpose of putting these satellites is practical usage like tapping into local expertise. Moreover, there is a political frame as well like ensuring good relations with countries that require the approval of the import or sale of Apple products.

As per MakeMac, Apple is establishing the RD center in the region for which it will get a license in return for selling its LTE devices in Indonesia. On the basis of population, Indonesia stands at the fourth place in the world with in excess of 260 million people. On the first position China is standing, then India and right after that the USA takes third place.

Therefore, Indonesia seems to be a big market for the Apple products as well as an Apple RD center.


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