Apple Samsung Case Verdict: Apple Wins Over Samsung

In yet another legal battle and the popular Apple Samsung case, Apple has got an upper hand over Samsung. The South Korean company had infringed on a few patents by Apple.

Apple Samsung Case


The Apple Samsung case is very well known and famous. They have had a few legal battles in the past where, in one of the results, Samsung had to pay $120 million to Apple. If this verdict seemed to go against Samsung, there was a victory in the form where Apple wasn’t allowed to ban Samsung sales in the US forever.  This battle was in the favor of Apple. The verdict of reinstating Apple $119.6 million was showcased. The battle was on the grounds of patent infringement. The patent infringement is a long-running matter of dispute between the two companies.

Friday’s ruling authorities claimed that Samsung was unable to prove that some of the innovations of the iPhone maker were patented. We’ve seen a lot of memes circulating the social media sites, where Samsung is seen copying Apple. This time, Samsung has to pay a costlier deal.

It is well known that the court defers from the jury when there’s a hesitation to reach the conclusion. Judge kimberly Moore said

“Even in cases in which a court concludes that a reasonable jury could have found some facts differently, the verdict must be sustained if it is supported by substantial evidence on the record that was before the jury.”

Apple asked for an “en banc” rehearing that means ‘in bench’. It is a term usually used in the court sessions. According to this, the case is heard before all the judges of the court rather than by a panel of judges which are indeed are selected from them.

In February session, the judges ruled that Samsung is clear of all infringement cases. Talking about the slide to unlock and auto-correct features, they are not valid to hold charges against the company.

About yet another session of Apple Samsung case, Samsung was to pay $548 million. The verdict was announced on the patent infringement charges. The appeal for the same is ready for its next hearing in the upcoming week in the US supreme Court. Back in 2014 both the companies reached a solution mid-way to leave behind and drop all patent cases which have caused disputes away from the US.

The companies have always been together in the numerous of countries carrying their disputes. The companies have battled all the Apple Samsung cases. It is not known when this fierce battle of the two mega-companies would end. Keeping an eye on the upcoming news regarding the two, we’ll keep updating you with the stories. Share us your thoughts and your opinions regarding the Apple Samsung case in the comments section.


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