Apple security flaw could allow hackers beating encryption

There has been a major security flaw with the Apple Inc’s software for the mobile devices that could potentially allow the hackers to beat encryption. This means, hackers will just be able to intercept emails, which should be encrypted. The Mac computers were mostly prone to these threats.

If a certain attacker does have access to the network of the user’s mobile services, the damage can be done. Such access can be gained if the same wireless service is shared, generally at a public place like a café or a restaurant and which is mostly unsecure. The hackers will be able to ‘see’ the user and the protected sites like Facebook or Google.

As far as the flaw is concerned, Apple didn’t comment when it came to know about that. Apple also didn’t comment if there was anyone taking undue advantage this of security error.

A statement on the web site of the support read the software “failed to validate the authenticity of the connection.”

Apple had released updates for the current version of the iOS for the iPhone 4 device and the ensuing devices, for iPad 2 and later as well as for the 5th generation of iPod touches. If there is no fix, a hacker will be able to mimic any protected site and can potentially be the bridge between the site and the user.

According to some security experts the same kind of defect can be seen in the Mac OSX that runs both Apple laptops and desktops. The worrying thing is that there isn’t any patch available right now. However, the company is working to get one going sooner than later.

The flaw could also prove to be an opportunity to hackers to write programs even within a matter of a few hours that can take (undue) advantage of this mess-up.

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