Apple succeeds in banning some Samsung products in US

Apple Inc has won the US import ban on some Samsung products. This is a big win for the US-based company as Samsung happens to be its main rival. There has been a pretty long dispute running between these two MNCs and an end is nowhere in sight yet, though there have been victories for both companies at some point in time.
The federal panel has blocked the imports of some gadgets which had infringed on a couple of patents. However, the South Korean company was cleared in as many as four patents that were also in the dispute.Samsung Galaxy S4
The Barack Obama administration has two months – 60 days, to veto the rulings of the International Trade Commission (ITC). The Obama administration had declared as invalid an order passed in June and taken the side of Samsung. This had banned the imports of a variant of iPad 2 as well as iPhone 4.
It has been quite a while now that these two tech giant – Apple and Samsung, are locked in a legal tussle over the Smartphones. Apple is of the opinion that Samsung has copied some iPhone features in the Android phones. Samsung on the other hand is grumbling with their grievance.
The legal dispute gains more significance as there is already cutthroat competition in the markets all over. Samsung has successfully overcome the dominance that Apple once had in Smartphones and has gone on to become a leading producer of Smartphones.
Samsung is not letting Apple have peaceful nights as the Korean company is also gaining ground in the Android tablet computer category. The cases entail those products that aren’t as widely sold and are comparatively pretty old. The couple of phones that were mentioned in the ruling on Friday were as old as three years.

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