Apple tvOS 10.1 Beta 5 is Now Available for Developers

Apple tvOS 10.1 beta 5 has now been made available on the Apple TVs as an over-the-air download. Just a week earlier, we saw the company taking the wraps off the beta 4 tvOS.

Apple tvOS 10.1 Beta 5


When Apple has released the tvOS beta 4 a week ago, it was just an updated build. It indicated about the almost ready software that seems to get released in some time. With the beta 5 release, the Cupertino-based company has suggested that this version is also available on the Apple TVs. This can be downloaded with an appropriate configuration profile.

We know that the tvOS 10.1 is nearly a maintenance kind of release that aims at the internal enhancements. The releases don’t concentrate on the changes under user-facing. Though there is always an exception, and here it is Single Sign-On and TV app. When we talk about the Single Sign-on, then as the name suggests it allows the user to go with a single sign on throughout all the apps. But the TV app is the latest recommendation app from the maker.

Actually, the company wishes to make its TV app as the main source that can be used for all your streaming content. The app acts very smartly and it will recommend you movies and TV shows that are specifically based on the previous screenings. This genuinely provides a simple method to search through all your streaming apps. Let’s take an instance when you choose a title from HBO Now, you promptly see the video playing that is launched by the app.

As of now in the Apple tvOS 10.1 beta 5, only eight providers are supporting the Single Sign-On. These eight providers are DirecTV, GTA, Hawaiian Telecom, CenturyLink Prism, Dish, Hotwire, Sling TV, and MetroCast. Apple has opined that they are currently willing to add new partners and therefore working towards it. However, apps, for example, like Netflix are not yet supporting the TV app.

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