Apple Watch 2 Launch may Materialize This Year

The Apple Watch 2 launch is a hot topic these days. And according to the latest reports, the launch might take place with the iPhone 7.

Apple Watch 2 Launch

Apple Watch 2 launch will definitely be the next most looked forward to event in this year it seems. When Apple Watch – the first generation – was released in the market last year it was no surprise that it took the market by a storm. In a very short time most of the Apple users around the world welcomed the gadget into their lives. Now the Apple Watch 2 is in all readiness to hit the market soon and the company expects the same, if not more orders for this particular device.

The new watch is said to be incorporated with the latest technology chip that will make it even faster and efficient than the previous model. It is set to come out in the third quarter of the year and is expected to be a mate of the IPhone 7 that is to be released around that time itself. So, the Apple Watch 2 launch might be somewhere along with the new edition of iPhone.


Gadget gurus are of the opinion that this model will create an even bigger hype as the technology used in this particular wearable is very up to date. The hype created by the first generation watch will also help to market this product and thus more and more people will want to purchase it.

So we are definitely looking forward to the third quarter of the year for the Apple Watch 2 launch as it seems to be packed with some of the biggest releases of the year for the Cupertino-based company. Whatever, we will keep you updated on the launch of the Apple wearable. And the iPhone 7 is also around the corner, so keep a watch.


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