Apple Watch: Is It Worth the Price? Umm… Not Really

The Apple Watch is one of the prime products of Apple Inc. But what impact did it have on the image of the company in bringing something new for the customers, for which Apple is always known?

Apple Watch

All the famous companies like Google, Samsung, Sony, LG, Pebble, and Motorola attempted to make their Smartwatches successful but unfortunately, all of them failed. Apple recently launched their Smartwatch. A Smartwatch can never replace your Smartphone. After using it for a few days you, ultimately turn back to your Smartphone.

People had high hopes for Apple product. According to The New York Times, the Apple Watch is not like an iPhone on your wrist as that is what most people were expecting it to be. But, in fact, it has a digital crown and you have to use a knob in order to scroll or zoom. As there is no full on-screen keyboard, you have to send the default messages and emoji. The touch screen is nothing like iPhone’s touch screen either; you have to press harder in order to avail extra options.

Apple’s iWatch of Future

To give you a little bit of perspective regarding Apple Watch from a neutral point of view, I’d like to point out that there are more stocks of the watches coming out in the near future. So let’s not give up hope too soon. At least, let’s take a sneak peek at Apple’s iWatch of future.

Apple Watch

Going for Apple iWatch 2

So what should you do if you’re considering an Apple Watch? It might be worth waiting for the 2nd generation of the device which will hit the shelves in 2016, although it is rumored to have the same sized battery as the original, which still means nightly charging and the introduction of Wi-Fi may affect consumption even more.

Is This Apple Device Costly?

Apple Watch looks quite stylish and beautiful but so does the Pebble Time Steel. You can purchase the Apple Watch Edition for £8000. Nobody in their right mind would invest so much in a watch which would stop working in a few years. So this watch is for extremely rich people only, who have a lot of money to waste. Even the rich sensible people wouldn’t spend this much amount on a first generation Smartwatch.

It is better to spend that much money on a Rolex as it would stay with you for years to come. We can say that Apple Watch is definitely for celebrities; even they would be given it for free just so that the super-rich people would be tempted to buy it.

Limited Edition Production

Although this is a limited edition and usually limited edition things hold a lot of value, even then it is not worth spending such a huge amount on a Smartwatch. Apple usually makes things for everybody but this watch is just for the elite. Now that Steve Jobs is no more there, the agenda of the company has definitely changed. The success of Apple Watch would also depend on how rare this product would be.

Apple Watch has a few attractive features but nothing that nice that would make spending so much money worth it. Apple has definitely taken a huge risk by launching the Smartwatch. According to Collin Gillis, Apple will find success with this project. They won’t have a lot of profit but they would definitely sell millions of them.

Author bio: Nuur Hasan is a software developer, web developer and a technical writer with more than seven years of experience. He believes that sharing knowledge can do wonders and that is why he likes to blog. His other interests include politics and sports.

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