Apple WWDC15: iOS 9 Will Add ‘Smart’ to Smarter iPhone

Apple has come with a host of updates in the Apple WWDC15 that took place in San Francisco. Craig Federighi explained the new updates organized by the company during the World Wide Developers Conference.

Let us have a look at the highlights of the Apple WWDC15.

Apple WWDC15

Apple took the opportunity to introduce a range of updates to their iPad, iPhone as well as Mac software. Two of the most-talked about features were the ability of multitasking of the devices mentioned above and contextual services.

This time, the conference will focus more on the software side rather than hardware.

iOS 9 for iPhone and iPad

Apple will be rolling iOS 9 for iPhone and iPad in either late September or early October. It will be a free version of the OS to the general public. However, developers will not have to wait that long. They will get the beta version today itself.

The upside of iOS 9 is that it can still run on older devices such as iPad 2 and iPhone 4S.

What Makes iPhone Smarter?

The fact is that iPhone and iPad will become more ‘intelligent’ than before. The ‘intelligence’ upgrades will be for both Search and Siri. It will allow the devices to make a guess at what users are working on.

The intelligent features will allow the users to create something like a reminder.

With the new features introduced in the Apple WWDC15, ‘intelligence’ will also get a new meaning, at least as far as the iOS and Apple gadgets are concerned. These features will make the devices more active than before.


You are more likely to see the ‘Now playing’ screen as soon as you plug in the headphones. Apart from this, it will also facilitate context-specific reminders. This will allow the users to be reminded of certain things when they arrive at their home or workplace.

Features Similar to Google Now On Tap

These features are more or less the same as seen on Google Now On Tap. Google uses the power of internet and the user info. On the other hand, Apple counts of each individual iPad and/or iPhone. However, when it comes to using internet, Apple is likely to collect related data anonymously.

Siri Upgrades

The Siri upgrades are coupled with Spotlight upgrades. Spotlight is a search app that’s built in iOS. The search app will henceforth allow deep linking. This means, users can now search from within the app itself rather only search for apps.

Apple Music

Apple’s music app has got a facelift by virtue of a new design. There are brand new features waiting to be tested by all the music lovers, who use Apple devices. However, this update will first be available in the 8.4 version of the OS, followed by the iOS 9 later in the year.

The highlight of the app is the accessibility of 24/7 worldwide radio station. It will feature DJ Zane Lowe from New Zealand. Apart from this, there will also be a paid library for 9.99USD, which will be pretty much like Spotify.

iPad For Work

With the new features added by Apple, iPad will be more for work and that too interestingly. The Apple WWDC15 tells us that the iPad will be much higher multitasking device with iOS 9. Users will now be able to interact and view two apps simultaneously.

One of the new features is the ‘picture in picture’ mode. This means a video can be kept playing at the corner of the screen, while the user can slide over. This will make it possible to check other apps without the need to close any other.

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