Apple’s iPhone 5C has the potential to wipe the rivals out

Apple is due for the announcement regarding the iPhone 5C that has the potential to wipe the rivals out. The US-based company is producing a cheap phone in a bid to take on the rivals and to revive its Smartphone market.

For that, Apple is targeting the Indian and the Chinese markets. There have been news and rumors about the latest versions of the iPhone for weeks on end. Apple will be making an announcement about the latest iPhones tonight.Apple

The thing that people are curious to know about is how good the phones will be and what effect it will have on the markets in general. The company will be closely monitoring the markets in India and China, especially as the new iPhones are targeted for these two countries.

All are impatiently awaiting the announcement of the cheap iPhone that will accompany the updated flagship model. Apple had started diversifying the controlled product line when they added the Retina iPad Mini along with its big brother, the introduction of the iPhone 5C is being seen as an interesting move.
Apple is looking for some potential markets eastwards. Africa is also on the list along with the Middle East.

The company wants to produce a phone that is rugged so that the African consumers will be attracted towards it. The phone should also be modern so that the tech-savvy Chinese market will welcome it.
The entry of the cheap iPhone will spell a headache for other Android phone manufacturers in the world, which also includes Nokia – the new Microsoft Nokia alliance.

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