Apps are the novel salesmen in the United States

A certain shopping store in the vicinity of New York City’s SoHo has got new kind of salesmen. So, the next time you enter the shop and a Smartphone app greets you instead of an alive and kicking salesman, do not be taken aback. And yes, these apps are right at the doorstep like a normal salesman would greet you.

The name of this Smartphone app is Swirl and retailers have started using the app for communicating with their customers. The app uses Bluetooth sensors from inside the store, which is kept randomly on the walls of the store and tracks the locations anywhere in the shop. It then sends them a customized proposal as well as offers.

It is a more savvy way of connecting with the customers, which also saves time. Moreover, there is a range of work the app can carry out and most importantly the novelty in the experience says it all. The app can add value to the store and also work as an expert salesman with no trouble whatsoever.

Among the firsts to adapt to the new technology are the retailers from Boston and New York. However, there are already a variety of apps that can offer tips or daily deals when customers enter the shop. Apart from that, Swirl can also assist the shoppers across the entire US. It can find products as well as deals that are available at major retail stores.

There is also a new iPhone application known as Shopcaster. It helps the shoppers who are searching for products, especially in the North American region. It allows the potential customers to browse through the services available. It makes it easier for the people to know what the store is offering before venturing out.

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