No arrests likely without consent of officials regarding social sites

In an important verdict by the Supreme Court of India, no person can be taken into police custody for posting questionable contents in the form of comments of the social sites without having the prior consent of the senior police officials. The court had declined to passing of the order for a ban for arresting a person who had made unpleasant comments.
The SC had said that it is the job of the state governments to see to it that the advisory is abided by at all times. The advisory dated January 9 reads that a person cannot be taken into custody without having the go-ahead of the seniors. The guidelines had been issued by a bench that comprised of justices B S Chauhan and Dipak Misra.
It was a public outcry where some people were arrested after they had made comments on Facebook or had “liked” certain posts. After the common made raised his voice, the SC came out with this all important verdict that has now been made compulsory to all the states and Union Territories of India.
The permission cannot be taken of an officer who is below in rank of the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) or the Superintendent of Police (SP).

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