Asus Chromebook C301SA: 4GB RAM and 13.3-inch Screen

Asus Chromebook C301SA is the latest offering from the company in the field of Chromebooks. The device does come with 4GB RAM and 13.3-inch screen. Read on to know more.

Asus Chromebook C301SA


The advancement in technology has revolutionized the world of gadgets and the Asus Chromebook C301SA is a perfect example to justify this. It will be soon available on the market with the storage capacity of 64GB at an estimated cost of $300. Several Chromebooks that already float in the market have an average storage capacity of 16GB or 32GB unlike the new Chromebook C301SA from Asus . Earlier the Chromebooks having less storage capacity were also popular among users because it did not require much storage to run application based on browser-run devices.

However, at present, advancement is being made in order to support Android applications and some games which necessitated the need of more storage that this device is able to fulfill. This benefit of high storage no doubt is present in other devices also, but the barrier is that such devices are highly expensive unlike Asus Chromebook C301SA. Though the capacity to store of this gadget is less than Windows or macOS yet it is more than other Chromebooks in anyways.


It runs on the Intel Celeron N3260 quad-core Braswell processor. The main outlooks that can attract any individual towards it, is the 13.3-inch display having a resolution capacity of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Equipped with 802.11 ac Wi-Fi, it also has Bluetooth v4.2 and USB 3.0 in addition to HDMI output with 4GB RAM. The only flaw this device has at present is the absence of touchscreen, the feature that was present in the other Chromebook. This may offer some problem while accessing some games on the device. Overall, it will be soon available in different shapes, size and colors.



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