Avoid clicking these Facebook posts for your security

Today Facebook is easily termed as the biggest social networking site. If it has the potential to get you traffic for your site, it also comes with a risk factor. There are all types of things like feeds and favorite posts going around. At times it is better not to share or like some posts.
Losing weight
There are times when your Facebook page could get filled with tips that could help you lose weight. If you are the one who are looking to lose weight, this could come as a pleasant surprise. These posts could come from your friend who may not even be aware of this fact. If such posts appear in a big number and look unusual, you need to check things out. You need to be sure with your friends that the posts have come from them.Facebook
Death posts of celebrities
This is one of the easiest ways to get someone click on such posts. Some days back, there was news on the internet about celebrity deaths of people like Jackie Chan. The news was that the actor died while performing a perilous stunt. As such celebrities have a huge mass following people click such posts very curiously. It would be wise to first check on a web search like Google if there are indeed such unfortunate incidents. Clicking on such posts can easily activate a malware in your system.
Breaking news from unfamiliar sources
The world of internet is nonstop. There is no stoppage for anything and news keep pouring in from all quarters of the world. And this is a chance for the scamsters to send breaking news whose sources are unknown and unfamiliar. You are likely to get such notifications as well. If there is news from such unknown sources, just avoid clicking on them. Still you should confirm form the official web sites to confirm the news.
Facebook posts about free gift cards
‘Free’ is one such word that can make anyone click on posts that are not intended to. The cyber criminals use this word very cleverly and can make netizens click the posts they want. Facebook gift cards are a new way of scams that are going about unchecked on the web. For getting such a free gift what one needs to do is to just share a post with his/her friend. That is spamming with your friends. You may be even asked to complete a certain survey. Some surveys may just get personal information from you, while some others may install malware on your PC as well.
There is no doubt that Facebook is a great of increasing your business and getting traffic to your web site apart from making new friends. But the flip side should be handled equally carefully.

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