Now avoid your friends with Hell Is Other People app

Avoiding your boring friends is possible with Hell Is Other People app. When on one hand there are social networking sites to bring people close and together, Hell Is Other People is one such app that can help you steer clear of the friends you are not interested in and want to keep away from.Apps

This Smartphone app makes you aware of where your friends are – their physical location. The app then suggests you various routes, in fact, the best possible one that can take you away from them and help in avoiding them. The app has been developed by a student from the United States, Scott Garner.

The app Hell Is Other People makes use of ForeSquare, which is a social networking app based on locations. It can track the check-ins by the other friends and can settle on the finest routes to shun them.

The app developed by Scott Garner, who is a graduate of the New York University, is pretty simple to use. But it depends on the FourSquare account. A user first connects his FourSquare account with the app.
An avoidance map is invoked. It makes use of two points in two different colors – green and orange. The green points indicate the safe distance from the other person, whereas the organ points show the check-ins done by the other users.

As far as the anti-social app is concerned, Scott Garner said that the initiative doesn’t sound as ridiculous as it may look at face value.

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