5 Best Affordable Action Cameras of Year 2017

Best affordable action cameras 2017 are listed here that shows only GoPro is not the option in the market. These best affordable action cameras can do everything that a GoPro does without shelling too much money out of your pocket.

Best Affordable Action Cameras 2017

Action camera, as the name suggests, is not like the other normal cameras. They are the ones which capture and record the world in a high definition mode even when we are in an action mode. They can be attached to the cars, helmets, boats, etc, but are highly simple to operate. Since they are used by sportsperson to showcase the adventures and tasks they perform, these cameras are made very durable so that they do not break easily during bumps or falls. Even the advertising agencies and the TV production firms are switching towards using action cameras as they are portable as compared to the normal ones.

There are various different styles of action cameras available in the market like the box-shaped, bullet camera, etc. which are chosen according to the use. There is GoPro and a lot of best affordable action cameras available in the market.

This article will cover all the best affordable actions cameras 2017 that will help you to capture moments of your adventure without burning a hole in your pocket.

Without further adieu, have a look at all the best affordable action cameras 2017.

1. Go Pro Hero5 Black

Though it isn’t the latest or the most trending piece in the market yet is best if you want something to test your hands at the very beginning. It comes with various attractive features like voice-activated controls, beautiful HD 4k footage, a touchscreen in nature, etc. It is waterproof and hence doesn’t require any protective covering as it can survive all the wear and tear. It has a two-inch display device, wherein you can quickly trim or edit the videos. Generally, it is preferred by most of the adventure lovers.

best affordable action cameras 2017

2. Olympus TG Tracker

It is one of the best affordable action cameras 2017 that is preferred by the younger generations. It has an ultra-wide lens of 204 degrees and has features for capturing slow motion footage as well. Take it to the mountains or deep inside the oceans, the camera isn’t scared of capturing some of the most breathtaking moments. It takes care of the safety of the user as it comes with the inbuilt GPS technology, acceleration sensors, a compass for direction, thermometer and a barometer as well. These things help the person to locate his/her position and proceed accordingly. With its 4k movie quality and the ultra-wide lens, the moments are captured in super sharp detail.

best affordable action cameras 2017

3. Olfi One.Five

This camera is another best affordable action cameras 2017 as compared to the other action cameras and comes with a variety of good features. It can shoot ultra high definition(HD) 4k videos with almost zero efforts. You can also test your creativity at different frames and resolutions. The voice-activated controls save the energy and minimize the operation time and the GPS technology helps us locate ourselves even in the dense forests. With the high-resolution LCD screen, the camera becomes perfect for lining up the various beautiful still shots. To get all such features in an optimum amount makes it one of the best selling cameras.

best affordable action cameras 2017

4. Garmin Virb XE

It is one the most compact and waterproof cameras that capture the world in a full HD mode and comes with image stabilization and various zoom levels. It is designed in such a way that it can dive even 50 meters into the ocean and still ensure the best and clear audio to the user. The GPS technology along with the motion sensors helps us to record the video, audio, location, speed all at the same time. It comes with WiFi technology and a compatible application and software.

best affordable action cameras 20175. TomTom Bandit

Though the bullet cameras have gone out of the trend, TomTom Bandit brings them back into the fashion. With 4K Ultra HD resolution, the films are captured with grace. Along with the GPS technology, various motion sensors are included in it to give it the best experience. The advantage with the camera is its long battery life which works three hours non stop in full HD mode.

best affordable action cameras 2017

These best affordable action cameras 2017 give the action lovers immense pleasure as they can record each and every moment of their adventure and cherish it sooner or later. If you have any suggestions that we should include on our list of best affordable actions cameras, do write in the comments below.

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