Best Indian Dating Apps for Online Dating

In the world of apps, there are some really best Indian dating apps that you can use if you are looking to date. These apps will not only give you great features, but you are also more likely to get new opportunities to meet new singles. If you love online dating, you will certainly fall for these apps

Best Indian Dating Apps

There are already a lot of popular matrimony websites out there. Some sites have hundreds of thousands of members. Of late, there also are matrimonial sites that serve a particular community. That makes it easier for people to give preference to find a match from a certain community only, saving precious time.

Online Dating

After the increased use of digital devices like Smartphones and tablets which can be easily carried around, there also has been an increase in online dating. Apart from dating websites there are also dating apps that you can have a go at. Most of these apps are easy to use and the registration process is also a walkthrough. Let us have a look at some of the best Indian dating apps for you.


Let’s start with ‘Thrill’ – the app that gives more power to women, as they claim. This is certainly one of the best Indian dating apps as women are at the center of everything. Like you register at any site or app, you may not do the same if you are a

For a man – males to be precise – to be a member of Thrill, the women in the app’s community should vote. This means you, as a man, cannot join Thrill just for the thought of it. A decent amount of Facebook interests along with your friends’ list should do the job for you.

Download Thrill


Woo is another popular and certainly one of the best Indian dating apps. Woo has in excess of 12K matches (figures are relevant only until the month of July). On the profile of the members, below the image, one can see the number of people who have liked the profile to the right of the screen.

However, you won’t see any “Like” or something of that sort of button. Is there anything to “Unlike”? Sounds odd an online dating app? But yes, there are both these options. However, these actions can be triggered by swiping the screen. If you swipe up, it means you like that person and swiping down means you don’t.

Download Woo

Truly Madly

Here is another of the best Indian dating apps – Truly Madly. Truly Madly requires you to have keyed in details like the status of your income as well as religion. This gives someone the better idea of the personality and social status of the person too.

Such details of the app also give a feeling of the app being a matrimonial site where there are such details to be filled in when registering. So, it is a balancing act when you have to decide if Truly Madly is an app or a matrimonial program.

Download Truly Madly

Desi Crush – Paid App

And now, one of the best Indian dating apps is the Desi Crush. However, it is a paid app. Desi Crush is an app that is exclusively designed for Indian users. The log-in needs various levels and that’s why it is a bit tricky. However, there are lots of features in the app that are paid. That’s why the choices are pretty limited.

Download Desi Crush

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