The Best of iOS 11 Camera App Improvements Are Right Here!

A couple of days ago, Apple launched its most-awaited event ‘WWDC 2017’ and disclosed lots of amazing updates including iOS 11 camera app improvements.

iOS 11 camera app improvements

iOS 11 camera app improvements
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iOS 11 is speculated to be launched this year in Fall in the upcoming iPhone models. The ones who own a developer account can still have access to its Developer Preview build. In case, you don’t have any, don’t get shattered as the public beta will roll out soon as well. Apple had launched Apple Maps for assisting its users wherever they go. And with the introduction of iOS 11 camera app improvements, the users will rely less on third party apps, and their picture-taking experience will be a notch higher.

Significant Improvements in iOS Camera App

Make any image look like an Apple Watch Face

With ‘Create Watch Face’ option given in the ‘Share’ menu, you can transform any of your favorite images in to a catchy Apple Watch Face.

Much Improved Portrait Mode

All the loopholes that iPhone 7 Plus’ portrait mode had, have been fixed in this recent camera app upgrade. Now, you can use your favorite filters to add some wow effects to your pictures, turn your HDR on, and use the flash light for clicking those perfect images in dark. Further, iOS 11 will utilize the optical image stabilization of your smartphone.

A Bunch of Features added to the basic ‘Live Photos’

It has been 2 years that Apple came up with the unique concept of Live Photos. However, a person who wanted to take a single element out of that live photo, or bring some quirky effect by converting it in to a GIF, had to rely on a third party app. And now with iOS 11’s latest update, all of this is possible with your one and only live photos feature. A break from depending on all other apps!!

Auto Crop Mode and Aligned Horizontal Shots

iOS 11 has introduced a simple yet fantastic ‘Auto’ mode that will perfectly crop your images in the best dimensions. Besides, there will be an effective assisting pointer that will guide you in getting that gorgeous image horizontally.

Editions for your Portrait Shots

Previously, we could use either of these two options in portrait mode: retain the image with brokeh, or keep photos in blur form, and without one. However, this will vanish away with iOS 11 because the data of image taken in this mode will be retained at one place only. For removing blur, open your Photos app, and simply turn off your Image Edit mode. Moreover, there won’t be any further touch up options in iOS 11 Beta for coping up with blur effect, as it was perceived earlier.

HEVC and HEIC: Photos and Videos got these two exclusive Codecs

With these two powerful codecs, your images and videos won’t only get compressed more easily, but will also occupy half of the phone space than before. In case, you don’t want to switch to this new format, you have the option to stick to its older version. Sadly, Google Photos app doesn’t sport these codecs so far!

3D Touch

Yet another marvelous feature that Apple has come up with is its 3D Touch mode through which the user can directly open portrait mode.

Apple has indeed come up with those iOS 11 camera app improvements that most of us wished seeing for so long. From its 3D touch innovation to bringing amusing twist to its Live Photos, we all are keen to lay hands on all of these developments personally, and have a premium user experience.


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