Is This the Best Mobile Spying App for Android?

We researched for several hours following some defined parameters to find the best mobile spying app and found Xnspy matching almost all the right ticks on our list. In this review, we will share how this latest mobile tracking software is different from the rest.

Best Mobile Spying App

There are a lot of ways to track people using your smartphone. Mobile monitoring apps that let you spy on others’ activities are nothing new, and they come with a number of different spying features including remote monitoring that make them quite useful. With so many apps on the market offering monitoring tools, it can be hard to know whom to trust.

Our criteria for evaluation included compatibility, installation, price, and top features. So let’s explain to you these features one by one.

How compatible is the app?

Most of the mobile tracking software have partial compatibility. Some of them require rooting using different software. A few others will rather render your mobile sluggish or the battery starts draining faster. Xnspy is considered among the best mobile spying app due to its compatibility with the Android operating system. The app will not require you to root your device but at the same time, it can be installed on a rooted as well as a non-rooted Android phone.

The app can be used on any Android version starting from Android 4.0 till the latest Nougat 7.0. But with millions of Android models present in the market, it becomes difficult to check every single of it. You can check your device’s compatibility on their website, they have a separate section for that.

Best mobile spying app


Installing the app is not difficult. Usually, the installation takes a rough path when certain conditions are attached to the procedure. Xnspy does not attach any conditions except the access to the target phone once for a few minutes and provision of the internet to install the app.

But to install the app you would need to subscribe to the app. You will find the app on their official website So don’t keep searching it on the Google Play Store. The installation is a three-step process.

  1. Subscribe: Subscribe to the app on their website
  2. Download: You will receive a download link, login credentials and some instructions to follow.
  3. Install: Download the app on the target phone using the link in your email. Now install it and start using the app.

Top Features

Xnspy latest mobile tracking software boasts different features for an Android phone. A couple of the top features are explained here.

Social Media Monitoring

Social media is rife with hate speech pages and digital dangers. And it has brought forth the issues of cyberbullying and cyberstalking. People spend a lot of their time on social media messengers like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Kik etc. It is for this reason that people must monitor their loved one’s social media usage and control anything wrong coming their way. Xnspy can help them to control all the popular social media messengers.

Similarly, Skype is a major platform used in organizations for official communication. To counter the menace of information breach or employee harassment, this app allows you to monitor Skype chats and the media shared through it.

Remote Notifications and Management

This is also one of the major features of this app. If you don’t want to be questioned by intruding any person’s privacy by holding their device every now and then, then this app allows you to access and control the target Android phone without getting near to it. You can tweak settings, review activity reports, and respond to a potential threat by simply logging on to your account.

Some sites promote hate and violence. There are other sites that promote a skewed notion of human sexuality. You can’t supervise every moment that they’re surfing the Web on a smartphone. That’s where this best mobile spying app makes the difference, with the ability to filter out unwanted content, limit screen time, and in some cases delete and block certain apps remotely.


The app is easy on the pocket and affordable to use. Currently, it offers two different packages to its users; Basic and Premium. As the names suggest, both these packages vary on the basis of features offered by each of them. But both are available for yearly, quarterly, and monthly durations. Their latest price chart is here:

Packages Basic




Yearly $99.99  ($8.33/month) $149.99 ($12.49/month)
Quarterly $69.99 ($23.33/month) $99.99 ($33.33/month)
Monthly $49.99 per month $59.99 per month


Xnspy has all the right features to be used as a spying app on any Android phone, barring a couple of not-so-important shortcomings, the app is a decent bargain at this price.

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