Best New Smartphones 2015 from Samsung You Can’t Miss

Tech buffs are always looking out for the best in the industry and here are the Best New Smartphones 2015 for those out there. Technology is always evolving and with each new phone, we get to experience something novel. The loopholes of the previous models are generally addressed in the next one.

Best New Smartphones 2015

Every company is trying their best to deliver the best. Here, we take a look at some upcoming Smartphones from Samsung this year. We chose Samsung because they are one of the best out there. No reason to read between the lines. We will also be coming out with other best new Smartphones 2015 from other production houses as well.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Active

We start the list of the five best new Smartphones 2015 with the Samsung model that is rumored to be a rugged phone. It is actually a rugged version of the company’s other model Galaxy S6. Incidentally, even the Samsung Galaxy S6 is one of the phones that the company will be releasing later this year.


What’s the weight in the rumors? Actually, we have seen two versions before this – the S4 Active as well as the S5 Active. So, the S6 Active, which is one of the best new Smartphones 2015  looks logically correct.


In all probabilities, the Samsung device may see the light of the day only by summer.

Samsung Galaxy S6

One of the best Samsung devices is the Galaxy S6. And if you are thinking of buying a device, especially a Samsung device, you would consider waiting until the Samsung Galaxy S6 is out. The Galaxy S6 is built on the lines of Galaxy Note 4 like glass and metal body.


The display is quad-HD. The Exynos processor along with 3GB of RAM executes super fast commands and that too without any hiccup. There will also be a fingerprint scanner which is improved and resembles the Apple Touch ID.


On March 1, the device was unveiled during the Samsung Unpacked event. And it is ready to go on sales on April 10.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Along with the Galaxy S6, another version of the above model was also launched during the Mobile World Congress. It is the best new Smartphones 2015 device that you should watch out for. It will come with two curved screen edges instead of one like the S6 and probably that’s why the model name.


The specifications of the Galaxy S6 Edge are similar to the Galaxy S6. That is why, apart from the difference in the screen – the edges, there are almost similar specs in both these devices.


In the UK, this best new Smartphones 2015 will be available from April 10 like the Galaxy S6.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Mini

Samsung Galaxy fans might have noted that the flagship launch of the Galaxy model is followed by a range of variants. This time around, most of these variants are also the best new Smartphones 2015. There are also enhanced features in the following variants on some occasions.


The Galaxy S6 Mini is expected to be a compact version of the Galaxy S6. As the title suggests, it is a ‘mini’ variant. So, one can expected trimmed specs. It is likely to have a 4.7 inch full-HD screen with a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor that will be a tad slower.


The device is likely to show up only in the later part of the year. This could be either in late July or at the beginning of August.

Samsung Galaxy A7

Stay tuned to the Samsung Galaxy A7, one of the best new Smartphones 2015 coming soon. This is actually a phablet that will certainly surprise you. It will come with a 5.5 inches Super AMOLED screen. It is equipped with 64-bit octa-core processor.


It is built with a 6.3mm metal chassis. So, it will not only be gorgeous in look, but also have a protective layer around. It will be available in both single as well as double SIM editions.


Still it’s not out in the United Kingdom. But as it is one of the best new Smartphones 2015, it will not be too long before it enters the Indian market.

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