Best Smartphones that cost between Rs. 10K and Rs. 15K

India is a lucrative market for many Smartphone companies. Many a Smartphone launch in India has seen best Smartphones even in the budget category. Due to the fierce competition in the market, it is the consumers who are the ultimate beneficiaries.

Here we take a look at three Smartphones that cost between Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 15,000. Though this range isn’t a ‘budget Smartphone’ range, these are the best of them in that segment.

Best Smartphones BlackBerry 9720 (approx price Rs. 14K)

Let us start with a Smartphone that touches the 15K mark – the BlackBerry 9720. The approximate price of the BlackBerry 9720 is Rs. 14,000. But what makes it to the top of this list isn’t just the brand name.

So, when was it that you last saw a QWERTY Smartphone? Don’t remember? Well, Smartphones in such a ‘figure’ are indeed an extinct species now, except for some gadgets to prove the law.

Best Smartphones

The Pros

The presence of a physical QWERTY keyboard will make the life of the display longer. The display and the design give the device a great look and so is the performance.

The battery with 1450mAh is a decent ingredient in the device to give it thumbs up.

The cons

Given the price of the device, the company could have placed two cameras (the front camera is missing). The software also needs a push. It runs on BB 7.1 OS, which is most certainly an outdated version now.

The RAM is just 512MB and this means a toll on the performance sporadically.

Best Smartphones Xolo Q1200 (approx price Rs. 13K)

The next in the line of the best Smartphones is the Xolo Q1200. This is one Smartphone that has really been smart enough to impress.

The pros

We have to say that the design and the display of the Xolo Smartphone are grand enough to pull consumers to dish out the cost. The gesture features is one great thing that will attract potential customers. With that cost tag, the Xolo Q1200 gives you value for your money and is one of the best Smartphones around.

The cons

On the performance side, the Xolo could have been a tad better, though it runs on Android 4.2.2 and has 1GB RAM. Given the 8MP camera to go with the front camera, the battery life is a downside.

Best Smartphones Motorola Moto G (approx price Rs. 12K)

Moto G has just got the Android 4.4.2 KitKat update and that adds value to the device. It remains the favorite device in the budget Smartphone. The company gave more in less and that’s why it has proved to be a strong competitor in the market.

The pros

The upside of the device is that it now runs on the latest version of the OS. Moreover, the acceptable price tag puts it ahead of many of the devices that fall in this category.

Best Smartphones

The 4.5-inch display is excellent as well. The 1GB RAM along with 1.2GHz processor sees to it that the processing is good enough.

The cons

The biggest downside is probably the non-availability of expanding the storage. So, as a user you have no option of a microSD card, but to use 16GB space. Even the camera performance is average. So, these two points are downsides.

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