Which Is the Best Time to Tweet: Use The Tweriod Tool

Do you know that there is the best time to tweet and get the most out of your followers on Twitter? Just tweeting blindly won’t really help. If you are working, then work smart. Get more (results) out of less (efforts).

Which Is the Best Time to Tweet?

It actually matters a lot when you tweet. See it like this – when you tweet, you cannot guarantee that all your followers will see the tweet or visit your article. For that you need to know the best time to tweet.

Here is a small but key tip for you. Tweet your blog post several times. This will ensure that more of your followers will be able to see your tweet as they could be in different time zones.

No doubt, you can tweet 10-15 posts in a single day at random. However, instead of doing that it would be more productive for you to find the best time to tweet.

Problem with Twitter or tweeting?

Well, the problem with Twitter, if you so feel, is the tremendous pace at which the tweets keep moving (and that isn’t a problem, right?). There could be a pretty small window for your visitors to actually see the tweets that you have tweeted.

Another shadow that can be misleading is the number of Twitter followers to your website. Thousands of followers do not mean thousands of page views for you. As a matter of fact, only a handful of your Twitter followers actually view your tweets and your posts and they are your only visitors. This simply means, a Twitter account with healthy following doesn’t necessarily mean healthy traffic.

The solution

Well, the problem to this solution is to find out the best time to tweet. Even repeating the tweets after a regular interval is one thing to give a thought to. But doing all this manually will be not only very rigorous, but also very time-consuming.Best time to tweet

Using tools for tweeting

One of the best solutions is using tools for tweeting. You can schedule your tweets for a single day or even for a week. So, you can not only repeat the tweets, but also schedule them for different time zones. This ensures that the tweets are sent out to various people at various times of the day, irrespective of your physical location.

Finding the best time to tweet

Tweriod, in my opinion, is the best tool out there that will help you in letting you know when most of your twitter followers are online. The app shows time slabs in two ways “Most exposure when tweeted between” and “Most followers are online between”.

The weekends and weekdays timing are split to show when there are more chances of you having followers online and when you are likely to get more exposure. This easily allows you to determine when you should be tweeting. Tweriod also offers premium services. But if you have a small or upcoming business, even the free version will be very helpful to you.

Getting the most out of Twitter

There is no doubt that Twitter does have the power to pull in traffic to your website, much like what a Facebook page can do. Tweeting your post after you finish it up isn’t enough. What you need is to understand the pattern of your followers when they are online the most. When you know this, schedule your tweets accordingly, which increases the chances of your followers to click the link and in return get more traffic.

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