Fast and Better Safari Technology Preview 29 in Markets

With a thought of keeping quality on top, Apple has always enjoyed an outstanding response in comparison to other companies. Safari Technology Preview 29 released by Apple is one such example of experimentation and quality.

Safari Technology Preview 29

Safari Technology Preview 29
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Improved World for Browsing

While other companies use Google, Apple believes in bringing a new technology for browsing. Safari Technology Preview was introduced by Apple in March 2016 as an experimental technology. The main purpose to design Safari Technology Preview was to test features that might get introduced in future versions of Safari. After successful experimentation, Apple released Safari Technology Preview 29, a new update, with bugs fixes and improvements.

Speaking about improved browsing in general, the Chrome 56 beta now labels the HTTP sites as being not secure. That’s for Google and that’s not all. Actually, even Mozilla was reported to be ready to spend a few hundred thousand dollars for developing “Super Fast” internet.

What’s New in the Update?

The latest update of Safari Technology Preview includes bug fixes and upgrading for JavaScript, CSS, Rendering, Web Inspector, Web Crypto, Accessibility, Media and many more features have been added. All these things point out to the fact that the Safari browser is easily going to be one of the best around.

Availability of the Update

After the release of the update, it is made available through the software update mechanism in Mac App Store to the people already using the browser. The people who are looking for full released information should have a look at the Safari Technology Preview Website.

By introducing Safari Technology Preview in the market, Apple gathered feedback from developers and users and worked on browser development process. The best part of Safari Technology Preview 29 is that it can run along with existing Safari Browser without any need of the developer account.


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