Big Data Problems Cause Bixby Delay in the US

Believing the sources, Bixby delay in the US has occurred because of data issues. Let’s check in detail what actually went wrong.

Bixby delay in the US

Bixby delay in the US
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Earlier, Samsung had promised to unveil the voice features of Bixby by spring in the US. However, it failed miserably to keep its promise. As per the latest statement by The Korea Herald, mere linguistic issues were not the only reason behind Bixby delay in the US. Also, Samsung doesn’t support sufficient data for creating the deep learning technology of this virtual assistant. However, Bixby debuted with the launch of Samsung Galaxy S8 this year. This virtual assistant of Samsung functions for all apps present in Galaxy S8.

One of the spokesmen of Samsung said, ““Developing Bixby in other languages is taking more time than we expected mainly because of the lack of the accumulation of big data.”

Last month, the company had announced the release of Bixby voice preview, but in a limited version. However, the experts have not figured out if data issues being caused due to signing up of less beta testers, or if the Samsung’s research team has been unable to receive more diverse voice samples. While we wait for Bixby update to roll out in the US soon, Samsung will launch its Galaxy Note 8 3D anytime by the end of this year.

Samsung said that it would introduce Bixby, its voice assistant, in various gadgets. And recently, it is emphasizing on developing a smart speaker that will have its voice assistant’s support. The Wall Street Journal is confident that the complete version of Bixby will be unveiled in the US after the second half of July.

Even engineers from Samsung team are striving to have effective communication between Korea and US offices. However, linguistic and geographical hindrances are further causing Bixby delay in the US!


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