Black Friday Deals: Huawei Honor 8 With Lots More Devices

The Black Friday deals with Huawei Honor 8 will amaze you in its own way. A huge number of devices has now lined up by the Chinese manufacturer for sales including many new entrants in the series. Let’s see how it will enchant your mind.

Black Friday Deals With Huawei Honor 8


Black Friday is about to reach and here Huawei has brought a whole new range of devices with some amazing deals. There are a number of new devices. The list includes brand new gadgets Honor 8, Huawei Fit, MediaPad M3, MateBook, and Huawei Watch.

Here we bring you the details of the Black Friday deals. Huawei Honor 8 has put on a discounted amount of $100. So this brings the price of the device to be $300 approximately for the 32GB variant. And it extends to about $350 off for the 64GB variant.

The Huawei Watch has received a discount of $200 on the selected styles. So this brings the price of the cheapest watch down $100 to $199.99.  On the other hand, Huawei Fit has got a discount of $30 and sells for $99.99. This is something that every one of us was willing to see, aren’t we?

Huawei MediaPad M3 has received a discounted price of $250 approximately. It will be interesting to grab MediaPad after a huge $50 discount. Now the next in the loop comes as Huawei MateBook, which has been discounted $300 on every model. Additionally, there will be a whole lot of accessories that will be on the deal.

The sales have now been made available to the retailers. And if you were willing to take any of these devices, so possible this is the time you should proceed with a move. Just take a look at the picture below that will give you a detailed insight of the products being offered in the Black Friday deals.

Black Friday deals Huawei Honor 8

We are actually very excited about this amazing deal. We are even keen to know about your opinion.


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