BlackBerry DTEK App Prompting Users for a Faulty OS

BlackBerry DTEK app is getting erratic with the security status. After getting software updates to some primary devices, the app indicated users about some fault in their phone’s OS. But no such defect was found out.

BlackBerry DTEK App

BlackBerry DTEK app

The BlackBerry DTEK app actually checks on the BlackBerry devices that are backed by Android. It typically classifies the devices for each of the security features that you might have installed. The application looks for the camera, location data, personal information, and microphones as well. The main activity that this app performs is to ensure the users that any features of the phone that have been enabled are safe and not exploited by attackers.

BlackBerry DTEK app

Android powered BlackBerry Priv, DTEK60, and DTEK50 devices have recently received the software updates. But soon after receiving it, the device owners were notified that their phone has a problematic operating system. Though, no such issues were detected on the phones.

BlackBerry DTEK app

It is clearly a software bug, which is creating all this mess. However, it seems that this problem has affected only a few number of BlackBerry devices. And the issue has been reported to the BlackBerry Knowledge Base.

Due to this problem, the integrity of the Android’s OS is undermining. Also, the problem compels the BB DTEK app to consider that security status of the BlackBerry’s Android version phones is at threat.

BlackBerry DTEK app

Though the manufacturer is taking a deep glance over the issue, it clearly mentions that there is no immediate solution to this problem currently. BlackBerry has now listed a method for users to overcome the problem. This speaks about performing a factory reset on the aforesaid affected phone. Still, if you think that this is not a big trouble for you to do this job, then you might ignore the steps that BlackBerry dictated.

BlackBerry DTEK app

We hope that the problem gets sorted out soon because the end users sometimes get confused by these kind bugs. But off course, we do agree that software updates carry a few bugs as well.


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