BlackBerry Mercury to Feature Android Nougat, 3GB RAM

BlackBerry Mercury could be the next uproar from the house of BlackBerry. The device was spotted on the Geekbench and eventually divulging some specifications and more details.

BlackBerry Mercury

Blackberry Mercury

The BlackBerry Mercury seems like a successor to BlackBerry Priv. The leaked picture of the device showcases a physical QWERTY keyboard. The rumors of BB Mercury have been moving around the internet for a while now. You must be wondering about the specifications. So, yes we have it this time, the Geekbench test highlights some of the specs details as well.

The BlackBerry Mercury seems to sport a Qualcomm SD625 coupled with a 3GB RAM. We hope this device to hit the mid-range category. The device has passed through the single-core test and scored the range from 903 to 913, while it secured the maximum of 5072 in multi-core test.

In general, these test reports won’t give us many details about the phone’s specs as they are the tests that determine the processor’s performance.

In case you are losing hope for not being able to open up the secret box of BlackBerry Mercury, don’t get disheartened. We have something for you in the Pandora box. The Geekbench test ratifies many of the rumors that have been moving from quite a long time.

In the past, we have seen a rumor suggesting an Android Nougat support for the mysterious device. As per the Geekbench test results that were displayed, the operating system for Mercury is shown as Android 7.0. That clearly confirms the previous leak.

Following the trail, the Geekbench test brings another detail that is the model name, BBB100-1. This model name is aligned with BlackBerry’s hardware. The company has recently adopted this naming format starting with the device DTEK60, whose specifications were spotted online for the second time, bearing the name BBA100-1. BB Mercury seems to travel the same path.

From other sources, we have seen a few leaks that indicate a 4.7-inch display screen bundled with 3:2 aspect ratio.

Though these are just rumors we suggest our readers to take it with a grain of salt. We should certainly wait for the Canadian company to give an official nod on the details. Meanwhile, do take a look at the BlackBerry Passport images on Android that flashes on the internet sometimes back.

We will keep posting the latest developments for BlackBerry Mercury as they come.


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