BlackBerry Q10 to roll on in India shortly

It is just a matter of time before BlackBerry Q10 to roll on in India. The Canadian Smartphone maker had recently launched their flagship Z10 for a price tag of Rs. 43,490. It looks like the rollout of the BlackBerry Q10 would happen without delay as the images of the phone were also put up on the Twitter page of the site exclusively for India.

The message on the page read “BlackBerry Q10 is coming to India soon. Stay tuned on our page for all the latest updates!” When on one hand the price tag of a phone is to be seen on the Indian version of the website of the company, there wasn’t any such clue on the Twitter page. However, on pre-orders, the BlackBerry Q10 Smartphone is available.

The phone is available on Snapdeal, where you have to pay Rs. 1000 as an advance. It is expected that the price of the BB Q0 is likely to be anything between Rs. 28,000 and Rs. 30,000.

The Q10 was released with the Z10. However, the launch at various major markets was pretty much delayed, which also included the US market. However, the gadget has already made its way to Canada and the UK market. And what’s more, it is also receiving a warm response and critical acclamation. The sales are also doing great in these two markets.

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