Blackberry resumes BBM roll-out for iPhone and Android

Blackberry has resumed the partial roll out of the BBM messaging app for iPhone and Android. This follows the problems that Blackberry has faced in the last month when it was to roll out the BBM app for the first time.

As now things are getting back to normal, the free app has been made available to download from the App Store and Google Play. The app is also available on some chosen Samsung App Stores.

The company has said that users were to register with their email addresses once the app is downloaded. After that, they would wait in the queue until when they were intimated that they could go ahead using the app.

The delay in the launch of the app had come when app was supposedly leaked in September. After only seven hours (after the app was leaked) there were nearly one million users who were using the Android version of the app that wasn’t yet released.

This had naturally caused problems for Blackberry and the release had to be ultimately stopped. According to, there were nearly six million users who had signed up for getting information about BBM.

The company has taken precaution that those who have already signed up for the information would not have to go through the process once again. That’s why, such users will be able to use BBM app right away. For those who haven’t yet registered, the wait in the line continues. However, how lengthy the wait will be, is unknown.

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