Blogging Apps for Android: 10 Best Apps to Blog on the Go

There are numerous blogging apps for Android available on the Play Store. Mostly catering to the identical needs of today’s bloggers, these apps are nothing less than your assistant when it comes to expressing yourself online. However, there are some top features in these apps that give them the identity they deserve.

Blogging Apps for Android

Blogging these days has become a very common activity. Due to a number of free available blogging platforms like Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, etc. and the ease of publishing it, blogging is anyone’s job now. However, many times blogs are deserted as fast as they are created. That’s why it isn’t easy to keep the flow going. However, with these popular blogging apps for Android, you always stay ahead.



As far as WordPress is concerned, it has always at the top of the blogging apps for Android in general and favorite blogging platform in particular. By providing the feature of self-hosted WordPress blogs along with blogs hosted on, it offers the users all the necessary tools a blogger would need while blogging. There are a range of features offered by the blog.

Some of the commonly seen features are creating and editing posts apart from publishing them, of course. You can also moderate comments as well as check the analytical data of how your blog is performing. You can also publish media with your smartphone, which gives it a real plus.




The second app on the blogging apps for Android list is Blogger. It is another dynamic app that offers you all the tools that mentioned above. If you have a Google account, you automatically get a Blogger account as well, (Google supports Blogger) which makes it easier for you to start blogging right away. Though it is a beautiful platform, it is restricted in many ways as compared to WordPress.

Even with lesser options to choose from, the platform is simply a favorite for many bloggers just due to the name “Google” associated with it, as the tech giant supports the official Blogger app. If you are a blogger, there is no reason why you shouldn’t check this out.




Whatever the length of the blog, you need some peace of mind to draft it. And if you are using a smartphone to blog, you will hardly ever find it. If you are frequently distracted by the smartphone screen itself, you don’t need other distractions. Alerts and notifications are the two big culprits here. No wonder, your productivity is going to hamper.

Writer has taken good care to not make this happen for you and that’s why it’s one of my favorite blogging apps for Android. Writer gives an environment that’s totally distraction-free. Be it your smartphone or tablet, your productivity with Writer is guaranteed as it allows focusing on your content and content only.




Although there are popular apps mentioned elsewhere in this list, we can never underestimate the power of Tumblr. A Tumblr blog is also recognized as a microblog – something like Twitter’s microblogging feature. It doesn’t drain you much to maintain a microblog as you can easily post a quote from your idol, share images and other media. So, it’s always easy to reach out to the Tumblr platform and your post is ready in a matter of a few minutes.

Apart from posting your content and scheduling your posts, you can view and reply to the messages and comments you get. And if this app is in your repertoire, you will be able to manage several Tumblr blogs simultaneously. The Tumblr blogs of Contacts lets you follow your favorite blogs.


Google Drive


With Google Drive you hardly ever need to worry about storage and that’s why is well-received of the many blogging apps for Android. There’s nothing that you cannot save on Google Drive. Yet, to name a few, we can say spreadsheets and documents, media and whatever else you need to save on the cloud. Another upside of the Drive is the syncing feature.

With the syncing feature in place, you can sync all your content with all the devices you may use, provided they linked to the Google accounts you use. So, if you are writing a blog, say on your laptop, and need to move out of your house, you can always finish it up with your smartphone even if you’re travelling.


SwiftKey Keyboard


Blogging has primarily to do with text matter, even if photo and video-audio blogs are equally well appreciated. No matter how many podcasts there are, one has to use text to get the feelings across. And it all zeroes in on your keyboard and typing. These days, many bloggers like to blog on the go. Jot down something and post it immediately. Of course, you need to type on your smartphone for this.

And this is where the SwiftKey Keyboard app comes in the picture. With this app, you never have to type one single character separately. Slide your finger according to the spelling of the word and SwiftKey types for you. It even auto-corrects your typos.




One of the best blogging apps for Android, Pocket app saves you a lot of time and energy. Bloggers tend to go through and browse the web on various topics. The use of smartphones for browsing the web is constantly on the rise. That’s why they are used on a big scale. Browsing even at least three to four various categories are enough to give us plentiful to read.

However, it’s not always possible to read all of them due to the hectic life. And an app like Pocket helps immensely. The app allows you to save those links for later reading. It’s not only about saving links. But, the USP of app is that it downloads a tiny version of the article or video. It gives you an idea of what the contents are even if you forget it altogether.




As the title suggests, the app allows users to flip through their social media streams like Google Plus, Twitter and Facebook. Another upside of the app is it curates a beautiful stream of stories that are important to you. So, if you are busy to go through your favorite stuff, this app definitely comes in handy, making it one of the best blogging apps for Android.

If you happen to be a blogger, this app ought to be on your device. Browsing through your favored news on a daily basis should be more than sufficient to offer you newer ideas so you can keep your blog updated always with fresh content.




Evernote is easily one of my personal best blogging apps for Android. The beauty of the app is that it doesn’t let anything slip out of your mind. So, how does it work? You need to write, you need to sketch anything, you need to grab a beautiful screenshot, you need to record audio, you need to… well, the list is endless. With Evernote on your side, you actually don’t need anything else.

The sync feature in the app will allow you to access the contents on any of your (synced) device. Once your stuff is synced, you can then use your smartphone, browser or even your desktop computer to access it – it’s all the same after all.


Photo Editor


A picture speaks a thousand words. That’s why, it’s essential to have pictures and images in your blog to get it a lovely look. And it cannot get better than photos. These days many smartphones have quality cameras and a bulk of editing features with apps like Photo Editor. When it comes to media apps, this has to be one of the best blogging apps for Android.

When it comes to touching up photos or editing them altogether, you won’t find a better option than Photo Editor. The standard tools available are crop and edit. You can even resize your photos, add effects and yes draw on it too.


Have we got all the apps in here? Do you think the blogging apps for Android list needs any revision? Do kindly comment below to let us know your views.

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  2. Thanks for the sharing such an awesome list of the different medium for the blogging. till now i just know that blogging medium like WordPress and blogger but its just really fell amazing that blogging has huge potential on some other medium also.

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