Blue Coral: See Official Pictures of the Galaxy S7 Edge Variant

The official pictures of the Blue Coral, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge variant are now out. We are sure, you’ll love the images of the newest color variant of the S7 Edge.

Blue Coral Official Images


After hearing the Blue Coral, did anything strike you? For those who know, it’s not necessary to reiterate. But, for those who do not know, here’s a quick recap. This color was the one that was one of those colors shortlisted for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 [Note 7 videos]. The color did look pretty attractive, however, not all people loved it. But after the repeated Galaxy Note 7 battery fire incidents, the Blue Coral color wasn’t used again.

However, as things didn’t work out with the Note 7, Samsung decided to use it for the Galaxy S7 edge instead. And the Galaxy S7 edge finally got this color. As the colors would have been on the Note 7, Samsung took the same on the S7 edge, but with some toning up to the front of the device. To the phone’s back, however, you will find a rose gold trim.running on the sides.

So, are you excited to get this new color for your new phone or are you planning to buy this one? If yes, hang on. Before getting too excited and start dreaming about this smartphone, mind that there will be going to be only limited units of this particular version. And these phones won’t even be available in all the markets worldwide.

It’s understood, as of now,  only Singapore and Taiwan will get these phones in blue color. However, the Blue Coral might also hit the United States market thanks to Verizon Wireless. Things are pretty volatile at the moment and what we are reading could also be possible rumors. Some rumors speak that this color model will also head to a few more market globally.

It is too premature to comment on anything at the moment about the availability of the Galaxy S7 edge with this color. But, we will keep you updated about any such information as and when we get it. Don’t forget to comment below with your views regarding the Blue Coral.


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