Bluetooth 5 Will now Have Better Range and Speed

Bluetooth 5 will be improved software that will have an improved range and better speed. It will have double range and speeds that will be faster by four times.

Bluetooth 5

Bluetooth 5 is soon going to be launched by Bluetooth Special Interest Group, also known as Bluetooth SIG. The SIG is now engaged in working for the latest version of Bluetooth. It is a mode of transferring data without any wire. It is said the Executive director of SIG will reveal about it on 16 June which is only a few days left.


The Bluetooth 5 will have the facility of double range and speed that will be faster by almost four times. And it’s built for low energy transmissions. There are some more changes which have been heard till now. It is going to have a noteworthy new functionality for services that does not need any connection. You will get to know more about it after the special media event at London. So, all you have to do is to wait for more info on Bluetooth 5. If you want to know the details, then wait for it to launch. It is going to be something really new.

The main aim of this article is to make you aware the latest Bluetooth version which is going to be launched. Nowadays it is very important to stay updated in this fast progressing world of technology. Technology is becoming advanced day by day and you should keep a track on it.


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