Boosting the Speed and Performance of Your Computer

Today, a PC (Personal Computer) or a laptop has become a household item that certainly needs speed and performance. Owing such gadget is no novelty now. The use of computers and laptops is heavy and these machines can be seen in various government offices as well. Who better can know the importance of a computer than freelancers who work online!

Speed and Performance

But as the use and age of your computer increase, these machines start working slowly. A computer works lightning fast when you buy it from the store. But with use and passage of time, the speed slows down. The speed slows does so much that it gets irritating at times. This is the basic information about the speed and performance.

But here are some tips that can help your computer come back to life and be your good old friend once again.

Understand the reason

There are many reasons why your computer can slow down. Two prominent reasons have already been mentioned above – the consistent use and the age of your machine. Apart from that, there are three more possibilities that are hardware related – the RAM, the hard disk and the processor.

Go to System Resource through Task Manager. Here you will be able to see which resources are used at the most. If it happens to be the CPU, get a new one or upgrade to the one that can perform faster. In case it’s the RAM, you may need to upgrade this too. For a better performance with Windows 7 or 8, the system requires 8GB as a minimum requirement if you wish to run the OS seamlessly.

The hard disk uses the most. You may need to have a hard disk with a bigger capacity. Going for the SSD hard disk is also a good option.

Organize files

When you save files on your computer, they get saved in various locations as the hard disk spins continuously in the machine. When opening these files the computer needs to fetch them from various locations and that is why it takes more time. Organizing files help to have them put in a continuous way so that accessing them easier. To have this done, run the windows defragmenter. For this purpose, there are even many specially design programs.

Get a new hard disk

How about having a new hard disk? If you can afford to leave your old hard disk and work with the newer one, then going for a new disk is a good option you can give a serious thought. However, a new hard disk will not have your old files. But you can copy only the ones that you need and even install only those software programs that you need to use. The new brand hard disk will work more superiorly than the older one for sure.

Remove unwanted files

If you regularly use Microsoft Word, it will create temporary files that will occupy heaps of space on your hard drive. If you use the internet, still the volume of unneeded files is high. They not only eat the space of your disk but also slows the PC down. You can delete such files by manually searching them with a specific extension (“.tmp” for temporary files), or use a readymade program for the same.

Remember, the lesser the files, the more the speed of your computer will be!

Uninstall unused programs

Removing unused programs is the same as removing unneeded files. Both do the same – slows down your system. Uninstall the programs that you will not need in the future. There are hundreds and thousands of supporting files in many such programs. Removing these programs means removing those files and speeding up your computer.

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