Do you want to build your own social network?

Most of us today have accounts on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. We have followers in hundreds and also follow others very actively. However, there are times when one wishes to post images and videos on the networks and more importantly, want to keep it all personal and private. Is it possible? Well, with new and improved features coming up with various social sites, it is possible. We take a look at two such services.


23snaps will allow you to build your images and videos in a bunch and also share pictures. What all you require is creating an account with the site. And yes, this is a free service, which in fact doesn’t need any mention. You can include everyone in your family from yourself to your grandfather and grandmother and even your little one.

Also keep in mind that there are posts that you can keep private if you may so wish. 23snaps uses a filter that will allow you to do this. If you have images uploaded on Instagram, Flickr or Picasa, you can import them on 23snaps as well.

The app runs on iOS and Android and also allows you to smarten up the images. The best thing is that the app is accessible from the prominent web browsers. So you do not need to install this app.


SquareHub is exclusively designed to suit the needs of your family and the near ones. What you start here – your social network, is known as a ‘hub’. You will have to install this mobile app and will have to create a shared login page and then move on to invite other people to join in. Those people, who are invited, will also have to download this app and install on their gadgets.

The way you can post images and/or updates on the Facebook wall, members can also do the same with SquareHub. There are in-built stickers and various effects in the photo gallery. These can be used for editing the pictures. You can also create schedules, reminders and to-do lists for the members of the groups.

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