Camera360 App Comes to Windows 10 Desktop

The Camera360 app will visit the Windows 10 Desktop. With it, users can easily manage their photos on their PCs. A lot of new features come with this app.

Camera360 App

The Camera360 app has been released by Chengdu Pinguo Technology for the Windows 10 Desktop. It is a photo app with which you can manage all the photos on your machine. There’s a new UI design on the Camera360 app, with which it is easier to search, edit as well as improve the looks of the photos. And of course, the app also allows sharing the photos with your near ones.


Let’s have a look at the features of the app:

Smart Search

The app clouds to organize the images on its own, in categories like, today, in the past, recent search and recently visited places, etc. This makes it easier to find your photos, which the Camera360 app calls “Smart Search.” The feature also allows you to enter a particular place or time if you want to find photos even better and quickly.

Photo Management

Managing your photos with this photos app has got easier. The app organizes your images with the time metric – at what time a photo was taken. Moreover, there’s the zoom feature, which lets you decide the number of photos that you wish to see on your screen. So, you can select how many images you should view.


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