CCleaner Hacked: Information related to users has been compromised

CCleaner hacked, one of the most popular utility tools used for cleaning the junk from the system to enhance the performance is now delivering malware directly to the users.

CCleaner hacked: Malware designed to collect the user information

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Crap CCleaner or CCleaner is one popular software. It has been used by millions to optimize the speed and to enhance the performance of their systems. According to the reports by Cisco Talos, the same software was hacked in recent times. The idea was to deliver the malware directly to its users. Since the official launch of the application, there are in total two billion downloads with a database of two million active users who were infected by the malware. This incident may also execute other suspicious software like ransomware and keyloggers.

The developers of the company also confirmed the attack. However, there is no information about downloading any external software which was triggered by the software itself. The malware was designed to collect some specific information about the user.

The information

  • The personal name of the computer
  • Number of software which has been installed in your computer
  • The list of running processes
  • MAC addresses of first three network adapters
  • Information about other processes which are running with administrator privileges

There is also an assurance from the developers as they confirmed that all stolen data was encrypted and there is no way that it can be used by the hackers for their personal use. As per the reports, the malware was found in the CCleaner version 5.33 which was downloaded 2.27 million users and was distributed from August 15 to September 12.

The Avast chief technical officer was interviewed by with Forbes. He stated, “Certainly, 227 million is a big number but there is no reason for users to panic as their information was encrypted. The attack was for something big but it was stopped before they got the chance.”


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