Cell Phone Reviews: Review of Amazon Fire Phone

What would you expect in cell phone reviews in a phone brought by Amazon – the largest online retailer in the world? If your answer is online shopping, then yes, you are thinking on the right terms. You know, Amazon won’t be bringing out a Smartphone just for the sake of it.

Entering a new business for Smartphones isn’t certainly the thing on the minds of Amazon when they brought out the Amazon Fire phone. Shopping has always been the first priority for Amazon. And with this phone, 3D shopping with Amazon will get all that easier.

Here’s a simple review of the Amazon Fire phone that will give you more idea about the device.

What’s New With Amazon Fire phone?

Cell phone reviews about Amazon conclude that Amazon has tweaked the OS to such an extent that it gives you a totally new experience as you navigate and explore. And don’t forget the 3D shopping experience with the retailer.

Amazon Fire uses Android OS. But, you will hardly notice it if you weren’t told. But that doesn’t really mean you should go rush to buy a device. The reason is that the apps that are currently available for other stores like Google Play, App Store and even the Window Phone are yet to become accessible for Amazon Fire.

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There are also some issues regarding the voice search, etc. Yes, Amazon will go on to fix the bugs soon. However, Amazon needed almost a couple of years to become a potential rival of the iPad.

Cell phone reviews, Review of Amazon Fire phone
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Cell phone reviews: Camera & Display

The hope is that as the phone will be primarily used for online shopping, as it has a powerful 13MP camera. Cell phone reviews of Amazon Fire phone also shade light on the screen.

The screen of the Amazon Fire phone is 4.7-inches, which is sufficient for a single-handheld use. Viewing the screen becomes easier that way.

In the United States, the phone is available via AT&T with a starting price tag of $200. This is for a contract of 2 years. Without the contract, the price shoots to $650. The uniformity in Amazon’s price and other high-end Smartphone prices could give Amazon tough time competing with other Smartphones in the market.

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Cell phone reviews: Firefly

There is a button to the side, which can launch this app. The app has the potential of recognizing business card as well as bar codes. It also works fine with movies, songs or even television shows.

As and when you find the item of your choice, just swivel the phone to buy the item from the online retail market. You can even learn more about movies or add phone contacts.

Cell phone reviews: The Dynamic Perspective

The dynamic perspective is achieved with the help of four cameras with infrared feature. With this, the phone guesses the position of your head and draws images on the phone in a continuous fashion to make it look like 3-D.

The phone also allows you to tilt it so that you get more information. If the info is covering anything on the screen, just tilt it in the opposite direction.

Swivel is another feature that is associated with gestures. It works the way you turn your hand when using a doorknob. However, you should have a sufficiently fast motion or it won’t work.

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