CES 2018 Expected Launches: Tech Fans on Seventh Heaven

Fans can hold their breath because CES 2018 expected launches revealed. You can be ready to make your choice and wait for the launch.

CES 2018 Expected Launches

CES 2018 expected launches

One of the biggest events that every tech fan waits for is the Consumer Electronics Show. Every year, this event takes place in the first half and the event attracts tech geeks from various parts of the world. They love witnessing the launch of the upcoming smartphones and gadgets that can change the way we communicate.

Of course, Smartphone is not the only product people wait for at CES. For this, people can wait for IFA. Last year, at IFA few earphones by Sony, PBL and B&O were launched. A few were seen at MWC. It is true that the tech fans will get an overall idea of what type of products are coming to the market in the near future. The product that most of the tech fans wait for is Apple. It is always a surprise for most of the tech fans.

While the Press Release is  8th of January this year, the event will take place from the 9th to the 12th of the same month.

What to expect this year?

You can expect a number of smart products for the home. After smartphones, it is the smart gadgets for a home that will change the way we have been living.

Expected Launches


The company is about to unveil WSD-F30, a smartwatch for the outdoors. It is also a successor of the smartwatch WSD-F20. It got a good response last year and the audience expects to see the magic happening once again.


One of the tech giants Google is also participating in the event. We can expect the brand to be launching some of the helpful home products.


We all remember the unveiling of Huawei Mate 9 pro. It was quite similar to that of the Porsche model meant for the Chinese market. The irony is that the cost of the Porsche model is lesser than that of the Mate 9 Pro model. After Mate 9 Pro, it can be Mate 10 Pro. It is also in the air that the selling partner of Mate Pro 10 will be AT&T only.


As a part of CES 2018 expected launches, one name is Lenovo. They quoted about their products as a product of Windows on ARM space. It could be a laptop that runs on Snapdragon OS.


LG is all set to launch its LG Gram laptops. These laptops will be unique for their extremely thin-bezels and high power battery. It is said that the laptop can help you work continuously for a day in a single charge. LG K10 is also expected for its launch while most of the products will wait for their launch at MWC.


The brand is known for introducing TVs and home improvement products. While several were launched last year, we can expect the launch of an upgraded version this year and a few updates to the previous ones.


The Smartphone giant is expected to launch its Samsung Galaxy A Series Smartphone at CES. This phone will be more about selfies camera. Apart from this launch, Samsung will maintain its legacy of providing some of the best QLED TVs. We can vaguely expect the launch of the modified and updated Chrome Book with a new chipset and improved RAM.


At CES, 2018, you can expect the launch of Snapdragon 845 SoC. The company may speak more on the additions and uniqueness of the gadget.


Sony again is known for showcasing and presenting to the world, home entertainments. Last time it was, OLED TV Bravia A1. This year too, it can be something in the similar line.


This brand will also launch their upcoming TVs and LEDs for home and commercial spaces.


If you talk about variety, this is the brand you need to look forward to. Last year, Nvidia unveiled products like Smart Hub, Android TV, Shield Spot and Shield TV set and this year too, the same variety can be expected.


There may be nothing new for Honor. Honor 7X, Honor View 10 that comes with face unlock features are two names that we already know. The latter can be in the limelight as the company might focus on its features for better marketing.


While last year, we could see the launch of the most awaited Spectra x360, this year we can wait for Envy X2. As the product is no more alien and most of the people know after its announcement, we can expect to learn more about the features.


The brand is known for manufacturing Smart Watches of all kinds. From fitness to daily wear, you name it and the brand has it. Vivoactive 3 is the latest product about which they may be interested to speak at CES, 2018. Its integration with Garmin Pay feature is something to learn about. This feature enables you to pay using your SmartWatch which is on the similar lines of Apple, Android Pay etc.


Amazon Alexa is the name of home improvement products. Like last year, this year also we can see a few home improvement products for the consumers to buy in the year 2018.


We have heard about the latest announcement by Asus on NovaGo Laptop. We can expect to know more about the features of the laptop at CES this year.


Being one of the tech giants and producers of laptops, come on board for a special ride. You can expect the launch of two in one laptops, latest hardware incorporation and top-tier laptops for professionals.


The company always focuses more on unveiling their products at MWC. We can still hope they come up with latest releases of their flagships at CES too. As Blackberry has a huge fan base, attendees will flock to have news about one or two of its products.

After reading the names of the big brands, you may already get your heartbeat soaring but hold your horses and wait for the day.

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    1. Thanks for commenting. Yes, CES is a major event in the tech industry. There are MWC and IFA as well. We do try to bring the latest from these events.

  1. So many exciting gadgets coming this 2018, and it’s not just smart phones coming this year, but also Smart watches and home improvement products that will make life more easier. I’m specifically excited for Amazon Alexa. From what I heard you can play Skyrim through it, well that and other important uses for this gadget. And of course, Huawei,I just love their camera phones. It’s not as expensive as other luxury phones but it works as great as luxury phones. thanks for sharing!


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