CES 2018 And Intel: Know The Future Of Computing

Quantum computer is everyone’s choice and there is race happening. CES 2018 and Intel go hand in hand to make this dream come true.

CES 2018 And Intel

CES 2018 and Intel

Intel is a big brand and we have always been surprised by its new launch. The CEI of Intel that is Brian Krzanich had a big announcement at CES on Monday. It was about Quantum computers. He further added that Intel will give tough competition to other brands who are on the verge of manufacturing Quantum computer, the much awaited one.

Intel is known as semiconductor giant and will be in the neck to neck competition with brands like Google and IBM to reach the supremacy of Quantum. The new innovation is a computing chip of Quantum of 49 qubit. It is big news and people waiting are excited.

CES 2018

Krzanich also stated that quantum technology will be able to give a new dimension to the world of technology. It will give an answer to most of the unsolved problems at present. There is no doubt; it is going to be a revolution of quantum computer soon. These computers will leave its mark in industries like pharmaceuticals, mechanical, engineering and much more.

The CEI also talks about Intel’s neuromorphic test chip. “Loihi” is the name and are quite like the traditionally used computer chips. It won’t be wrong to say that they act like the neurons in the human body. They help us act in certain conditions. Similarly, Loihi will continuously learn new things.

It is a future innovation. The use will happen in smartphones not now but maybe two to four years from now. The presentation was overwhelming and attracted everyone present at the event. Intel is going bigger and we all agree with it.


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